May 26, 2024

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Can we say APC is sinking earlier than expected, PDP gaining momentum?

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The road to 2023 is getting increasingly interesting with each passing day if the ongoing brouhaha in the ruling party is anything to go by. With different factions representing different interests within the ruling party, the coast seems clearer for the opposition party, the PDP who barely lost the unfair and incredible election, according to several international observers. Although there has been various speculations about a former two term Governor of Lagos State and a national leader of the APC, Bola Ahmed Tinubu taking over from Buhari, the mere thought of the possibilities has led to high level bickering even amongst his kinsmen from the southwest. From the pan yoruba sociocultural group, Afenifere to the executive power blocs in Ondo, Ekiti, Oyo, a divided Ogun, and even a marginalised Lagos, analysts believe that asides from an impending massive rejection by the ndigbo and Niger-Deltans, an out of space rigging system will have to be in place for a Tinubu to be President. In what effectively represents a survey, a social media commentator from Ogun State, Wasiu Ademola Sobowale on the morning of Tuesday, 17th March, 2020 delved into a topic in a bid to generate public opinion on the 2023 subject. “Should PDP reconsider Atiku/Obi joint ticket in 2023, Tinubu/Sanusi may become inevitable.
Support your preference with SENSE!”. The result as at the time of writing this report is a whooping 100% in favour of an Atiku/Obi ticket. The reasons are not far fetched. With the Lagos landlord believed to be the most greedy capitalist from the west with insignificant achievements after supervising Lagos state for 21 years, the grand theft occurring within the same period, including the light rail yet to be commissioned 11years after a humongous sum of 550billion naira has been made available, to make mention of only a few of the heists allegedly supervised by the bourdillion emperor. However, one achievement that cannot be taken for granted is the making of several executives across the southwest at different times, although it has been argued that it is for some selfish and inordinate ambition, the reality of this position seems to be settling in in gradually. Whether or not H.E Atiku will be recontesting, the Pan Nigerian seems favoured than ever before. The fact that the goodwill Buhari enjoyed in 2015 has been long eroded, and in addition to the fact that the current number one citizen is on a final lap leaves the North for Atiku for a near 100% grab against a Tinubu. The results of the 2019 election shows that H.E Atiku will easily get the required two-thirds from the Southwest and an Obi in the equation makes the Southeast a sure bet. The South-South is predominantly PDP, and thus most likely settled on that note.
The road to 2023 is likely to be short and intriguing. More so, several analysts are of the opinion that it will become increasingly easier to predict as the days go by.   Furthermore, if it took a unified APC widespread rigging and electoral malpractices and doctored court rulings to remain in power, how unpopular is the idea of a Tinubu 2023 and how less likely will the sinking and divided brand deliver across board?
Olumide Okueyungbo.

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