May 30, 2024

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Our Challenges And What We Can Do As Nigerians? – By ‘Yanju Uwala

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Today, I will be speaking on two different issues, which is of course are battling our political ideologies as an individual and as a country, our inability to reflect on these ideologies as been making us fail yet we believe we are succeeding in our political endeavours. Don’t we think we going to get alongside well in this country of ours soon? If we think so, what are the lines of thought we are thinking along to achieve this?
We do complain and express sadness over actions and inactions of our government, yet we are same persons who follow them all about, we do their biddings, we are like slaves to them and we don’t think of of our tomorrow whenever we are with them. What is the reason for this? What do call for this? These incidents do happen in almost all states, and yet we do not hesitate to recall our thinking faculty of what will happen to us later even after these people leaves the seat.
I can recall, a situation when a taxi-cab driver was boasting for supporting a former governor who contested for a senatorial position, saying he gave him N100,000 for their prayers, now when asked what he did with the money, he said he used for the completion of his house. Many of people like this abound in our society, in our states and that is why we are not moving forward in this country. Tell me, how can we, when we keep on selling our future to the present incident?
Secondly, these same people we keep backing are once, twice or thrice senators, governors, honourable, speakers, and throughout their tenure during this period, nothing tangible can be said they achieved for their state or locality they represent, yet they will come out during another election period and you will also throw support for them…are they the only persons in the society contesting the election or what makes them more valuable than others?
What is the reason behind this, maybe I can be convinced better. When shall we think out of our closet, these our political actors have turned the political positions to their own and personal home-space, and for the reasons, they deem it fit to give it to anyone who they like, be it their family members or accomplices and as a result, they decide what comes in and out of the position; so what do we achieve as citizen at end of the day?
Yet, our country has not been getting along well to the democratic principles, we are not doing we in it at all. We abuse every previleges that comes with it. But the fact remains that we don’t know what we want. The issue now is that what do we want, the only thing is that we, people who are supposed to decide what we want are not doing this at all, and this is what our political leaders knew that they now decided to keep at bay making to suffer, and offering us the unexpected, and we will fall for it.
Haven’t we think that whenever there is a need for election, they call on the people to vote them, this is because the people are the power and because of this, we also have the power to also demand what we want from the government, but unfortunately we have lost this purpose.
Can we get this purpose back, and if yes, how soon?

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