April 21, 2024

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Asoro enjoins youths to embrace constitutional revolution

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The coordinator of the National Youth Council of Nigeria, Ikorodu West LCDA; His Youthfulness, Comr Asoro Abubakri Olatunji CSIWY has enjoined youths to embrace constitutional revolution which is the only acceptable revolution in a democratic dispensation.

Asoro stated this while addressing the law students of the National Open University of Nigeria, Lagos Chapter at its ongoing “Legal Boom”. While speaking on the topic “Dissecting Treasonable Felony and Right to Protest; Revolution Now as a Case Study, Asoro noted that while right to protest is an exclusive right for all Nigerians, treason and treasonable felony come with the highest punishment of the land and it is  in fact a limit to right to protest.
He said The ninth Edition of Black’s Law Dictionary defines Revolution to mean: “an overthrown of a government, usually resulting in fundamental political change; a successful rebellion”
He noted that although the right to protest is guaranteed as provided by the court in Ejoigu & Ors V Onwuruaoa & Ors (2019) LPELR 47 333 C.A where the court recently pronounced the right and freedom to free association provided under section 40 of the 1999 constitution as amended cannot be taken away under any guise. The court acknowledged in the judgment that the right to freedom of assembly can be impeded with certain ploys and schemes which include threat of treason and treasonable felony..
He noted that; it is an affront to the state to ask the President to resign or step down. The constitutional way provided by the constitution is through election.
He explained further that although a despostic leader maybe force to step  down, in democratic dispensation such as ours, the people are sovereign and power resides at all time with the people not the leaders. At any point in time when there is a need for change of government due to bad governance, such REVOLUTION would be done through the ballot box. In other not to be caught in the web of treason or treasonable felony.”
“A change that cannot be effected through the ballot should not be done through the use of force, such single action may be seen as an individual trying to impose his will on the state.”
He enjoined youths to use their political strength to continue to push for change, noting that beyond the not yoo young to run, many political milestone could still be achieved through a democratic means.

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