April 20, 2024

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YCYW Ogun State Council Celebrate The Speaker Of Ogun State House Of Assembly On The Occasion Of His Birthday

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Birthday Anniversaries are very important in our lives to remember that special day we were born.

Hence, On behalf of the entire excos and members of the Yoruba Council of Youths Worldwide (YCYW), Ogun State Council under the auspicious chairmanship of Hon. Sunday Adebowale today 11/10/2020, join the whole wide world to celebrate our father, a Man of high class, a Man of high intellect, a distinct Omoluabi and meritorious parliamentarian, a Man with an exceptional personality, a philanthropist, a Man who possess all the qualities of a personable leader and mentor, a Man who has never compromised his integrity for anything, a man all sons would be lucky to have as a father in person of RT. Hon. Olakunle Taiwo Oluomo ( Speaker of Ogun State House of Assembly), as he elegantly added a year to his inspiring years of existence, awesomeness and experience

Sir, on behalf of the entire Yoruba Youths we say words can’t be enough to truly convey how much your existence is valued to each and everyone of us as citizens of this our beloved gateway state, your level of wisdom is irreplaceable,your leadership and advisory skill is incomparable and as well as refreshing as water to a thirsty soul. It quenches our hurts and renews our hopes as youths aspiring to the future leaders

Sir your personality is indeed one in a Zillion. You are diligent, confidant, compassionate and understanding. All these traits are what earned you the title of A Great Leagislator (AGL) that has been attributed to you. Nevertheless, you are one special leader that always has the interest of his confiders at the peak of his mind. Also, your understanding of people and things around you is extremely amazing and awesome, because you are always seeking the good in others which is a rare but wonderful trait. Your words are soothing like balm to a wound, infact words are not enough to tell you how wonderful you are.Happy birthday Hon. Speaker, keep shining and ascending greatness sir.

We hereby supplicate to Eledumare in His infinite mercy to bless your new Age with awesome people that will always stand by you, abundant blessings to keep impacting meaningfully, more knowledge and understanding to keep leading people to the right path, May all your dreams and aspirations become reality, may your next birthday be brighter, sweeter, richer and better than this, and may you live a longevity and prosperous life (Ameen)

Best Birthday wishes Aṣòfin àgbà, we will forever appreciate you sir.

Yoruba ni mi, Omo karo ojiire💪

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