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30 Apostolic Revelations And Prophetic Utterances – Rev. Sam Aboyeji

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This year, the Foursquare Gospel Church in Nigeria celebrated her 65th National Convention with the theme: #HigherGrounds.
During the grand finale today, he preached on “Sustained By Grace”. While delivering the powerful and graceful message, amongst other insights, the following “30 Apostolic Revelations and Prophetic Utterances” were made.

  1. These are seasons of grace. These are seasons of lifting
  2. It is grace that separates or distinguishes people from others.
  3. How will it be known that we are men of grace, if we are experiencing what others are experiencing?
  4. Grace will single you out for higher grounds in Jesus Name.
  5. COVID19 is never a coincidence; God is using it to create opportunities to refuel.
  6. God’s grace helped us to reach this stage as an organization.
  7. On his ways to the throne (higher ground), David fought multi-dimensional wars (local wars, town wars, state wars, national wars and international wars). In all, God’s grace was sufficient for him to win. Therefore, you shall overcome all the battles on your way to higher grounds.
  8. Each new higher ground always attracts new devils. Be prepared through prayers to fight the new devils for the new higher grounds God is taking you to.
  9. Only God can sustain by Grace
  10. Our higher ground is signed and delivered to us in Jesus Name.
  11. God’s grace shall turn your humiliation into jubilation in Jesus Name.
  12. From your downcast positions, grace will lift you up in Jesus Name.
  13. Your lifting is unstoppable in Jesus Name.
  14. It shall be impossible to stop you from going up in Jesus Name.
  15. Your path shall shine better after this year convention in Jesus Name.
  16. God’s grace located David even while he was busy keeping his father’s sheep in the bush. Grace did not miss him. It does not matter what you are keeping now, be it in one local corner of this world, God’s grace for higher grounds will locate you in Jesus Name.
  17. By the name of Jesus, your circumstances cannot stop your lifting
  18. The positions you are considering as disadvantages will become advantages for you to get to higher grounds in Jesus Name.
  19. Bible declares that we are now seated with Christ in heaven far above powers and principalities. You are therefore positioned far above all circumstances, though, you seem to be down but in reality you are far above in Jesus Name.
  20. God has decided to pick you up for higher grounds in Jesus Name.
  21. God will position you.. for you to get your possessions and ultimate destination
  22. Until you get a locational address you cannot get your allocation.
  23. God is the greatest possession we can have
  24. God will maintain your lots in Jesus Name.
  25. God will bring His greatness to bear for you to experience higher ground in Jesus Name.
  26. We are going to be sustained by the power of God for his kingdom sake in Jesus Name.
  27. As you go preaching everywhere, God will sustain you in Jesus Name.
  28. Whether the enemies like it or not, there shall be lifting up for you in Jesus Name.
  29. For anyone under the threats of death, God will heal and deliver you
  30. That sick report is tore in Jesus name

As captured by Pastor SMB Johnson at Iyana Missionary District headquarters Church, Iyana, Ibadan.
( – Sunday, November 15, 2020

65th Annual National Convention
Grand Finale

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