April 20, 2024

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PDP Berates Ogun State Government, calls Gov Dapo Abiodun Award Purchaser

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…..Urges Gov Dapo Abiodun To Accept Failure.

The Ogun State chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) is really disturbed by the recent rate at which the ruling government of Prince Dapo Abiodun has reduced governance in the state to a mere comic relief and labeling it “try and error Government”; also deceiving unsuspecting members of the public with a claim that his government has done so brilliantly well in agricultural sector thereby winning an award of excellence.

For us, we are deeply convinced that the ruling government, since its inception, has not recorded any remarkable stride in any known sector of governance that can earn it any award of excellence from any reputable organization any where in the world.

We want to put it on record that the award which the government and its gang of media handlers are rejoicing over was presented to the Governor by www.agronigeria.ng, an unregistered organization whose only stock in trade is selling unmerited award plaques to desperate political office holders who fancy media frivolities with the view to making huge financial gains. It is so pathetic that Ogun State governor is a willing tool in this category.

As a responsible party, we make bold to inform the good people of Ogun State that since the inception of the ruling APC government in Ogun state, despite all its media noise, the governor has not deem it fit to either invest or visit any of the farm settlements which are scattered across the three senatorial districts of the state with the view to making the facilities work for the people as envisaged by its founding fathers.

Again, the recorded strides in FADAMA program can not be claimed by Abiodun’s government because the program itself is a WorldBank sponsored program in partnership with the Federal Government which has been implemented by the previous adminstration. Therefore, the ruling APC government can not dress itself with FADAMA’s robe.

Furthermore, the much publicised Anchor Borrower Program (ABP) which should have ordinarily been a notable success in agriculture sector became a complete ruse under the insensitive eyes of the ruling government. It is a common knowledge that same funds made available to beneficiaries of the program were “miraculously” withdrawn by “unknown authorities” from beneficiaries’ accounts even without the consent of the beneficiaries.

On the strength of the above, the people are so concerned about the basis upon which “Dapo Abiodun Wins Best Governor In Agriculture” despite woeful failures he has successfully recorded in public service.

Kindly, permit us to remind the public and the government, once again, that we raised alarm about the unlawful withdrawals but the government in its full element, keeps mute as if all is well. Till this material point in time, neither the state coordinator(s) of ABP nor the Commissioner for Agriculture in the state has offered any official explanations on criminal act.

On this note, we want to challenge the ruling government to:

  1. make public, full details of ABP beneficiaries who have successfully assessed funds for agriculture purpose in the 20 Local government areas of the state.
  2. Explain to the public the development strides the government has embarked on in any of our farm settlements.

In line with our long standing tradition, the PDP is always prepared to hold the government accountable to people. We implore the ruling government to desist from its media fantasies and pay conscious attention to providing responsible governance instead of junketting from one media outfit to another buying low rated awards from low rated organizations with taxpayers’ resources.

Lastly, the agriculture sector, under any creative government, provides a viable platform for developing sustainable Human Capital Development for the people, especially the youth. A platform through which laudable government programs and policies are readily appreciated by the people. With this, creative governors do not need to procure awards to show excellence in governance.

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