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Leadership and Politics: Aare Dotun Hassan Admonishes The Youths On Characher and Values

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Barrister Oladotun Hassan has admonished youths on Character and Values, Oladotun engaged the youths during an online lecture delivered by Barrister Oladotun Hassan for Ekiti Youth and Student Alliance held Tuesday night.

The lecture delivered is stated below:

“All protocols duly observed, Good evening greatest Nigerian youths!!!”

“Compliments of season to my fellow compatriots, we pray for a fulfilling new year 2021 in less than 4 days.”

“I am Aare Oladotun Hassan, President, Igbimo Apapo Yoruba Lagbaye(Yoruba Council of Youths Worldwide and Yoruba Council of Women Worldwide), also the current President, Nigerian Youth Coalition, a legal practitioner by profession and human right advocate.”

“Once again I implore us to adhere strictly to all covid 19 safety guidelines.”

“I am highly honoured to be called upon by my amiable brother and Omoluabi pataki: Mr. Kayode David to revamp our usual conversation, but with a more vigorously philosophical and positively driven ideological approach.”

“I consider tonight’s topic more imperative to chatting a fundamental way forward rather than foreclosing our rights of political participation:. Leadership and Politics- Youth Marginalization in Decision Making Office.”

“One key issue is certain and will always revolve around us, that is are we truly prepared for leadership?”

“I would like to confirm how many of us are in the house, because as I discuss further I want know and meet each and everyone of us in the house, hence my special request from the organizer’s to assist call out a platform participants to introduce themselves by just mentioning your name and designation?”

“This will provide me the ample opportunity to have sense of followership of all of us…rather than seeing a monologue situation.”

“Before I go further I would like to provide us a guiding principles that will in turn provide answers to my first question of preparedness?”

First let’s consider the following 5 P’s determinants to know if you and I want to remain marginalised or free ourselves and be on the driver’s seat, compared to our current opaque interests in political leadership, which deduced us as receiver rather than giver of power, “carrot and stick rules”:

“Take Note: The following principles are your daily pills on this journey of freedom:


“Purpose is most important key point to have, before you ventured into politics. This is the architectural design of your mindsets or ideology.”

“Abinitio if you lack purpose, inevitably you will remain politically marginalised in decision making Office or any other available opportunities in the corridors of power.”

“Purpose is that set line Agenda vision and basis of your interests, meaning a good and well trained Youth must possess what it takes to deliver good and succinct ideas, rather than being an apron bag of political office holder.”

“You must first have the right academic skills and knowledge, with verse knowledge, service above self and genuine interest in politics.”

“This is beyond mobilising for election or voting, which most of us see such rituals as a moment of financial opportunities to be bought over by the politicians.”

“We must create values for ourselves as youths, the way you dress is the way you will be addressed, hence, as youth let’s stop this cap in hand or cash ‘n’ carry political ideology.”

“That political leader you worship might not have the intelligence and intellectual prowess you possess, but he schemes you to believe more in him or her than in yourself.”

“This brings us to the second P= Preparedness, if you find yourself in a political office we vital decisions are made and all you do there is to reduce yourself to a nominal errand boys, or tools, beyond this, make sure you are prepared for the race with constant practice just like a footballer, who does not do more physical training exercises, will definitely fail in the field of play and remain redundant, very important to be more engaging in developmental activities, that will sharpen your intellectual horizons.”

“Spend more time to listen to news, read newspapers and do more public speaking than time wasting ventures… chatting on social media without purpose… time is essential towards preparedness.”

“Mark your daily routine and activities, with a set goals, immediately after the days work do a little personal test analysis of your progress and plans. Score yourself on the average, then you can determine your purpose in any political decision making office.”

“Nigerian politicians are more enthusiastic in having youths as use and dumb, rather than given you open opportunities to thrive, because of that sentiment that once you are free, they lose your loyalty and servitude.”

“Let’s move to the 3rd daily pill that will change our thinking parameters and ensure possible results.”

“Perseverance: no fast rule to success, most youths are used to one size fits all approach, nothing good comes easy, meaning you must be ready to learn the rudiments of political participation, joining political party is not the fast way to power, even if you achieve power without being equipped with the two previous P’s you will run out of experience and be tagged a failure, sorry to say most youths with golden spoon opportunities lost it to ego, corruption, greed and lack of purposeful leadership qualities…many of them are there but failed us, no adequate skills but only good at amassing money at the detriment of the masses that voted for them.”

“Our youths display posh cars and beautiful houses, and affluence as indicators of success, they embrace wrong methods and think everyone is blind, only to be booted out of office unceremoniously.”

“Very impressive to make us understand that I am not teaching but conversing on new ways of doing things…”

“We must be ready to go through furnace of developmental ladder, get involved in decision making process rather than remaining a dull spectator,
Some youths lack intellectual knowledge to communicate great ideas, they only make noise, even speaking in the public gives one lots of concern on how we are perceived by those elders…most don’t respect us, because at every test thrown at us, we fail woefully, most of us cannot draft policy documents, write speeches, create new ideas, sacrifice our sleep to develop workable plans…”

“Without purposeful perseverance, we are bound to be marginalised in political decision making office.”

“So stop the idea of fast route to the top, start learning it slowly and steadily, definitely wins the race.”

“The fourth important P= power , they say money, power and interests are conjoined triplets of an average Nigerian politicians.”

“They can do anything to achieve this three, while the most important vantage point of the three is left out, and that is people…”

“People are the centerpiece power in any democracy, even in worse deadliest military system, people are still most important on the pyramids of political ladder.”

“That is why democracy is the government of the people, by the people and for the people…”

“Most of our youths are currently made to believe people are less important, that they are objects that can be paid and bought over at any price, this dangerous trend is fast killing our democracy in Nigeria, that’s why corruption, insecurity and vengeance is daily sweeping us into oblivion.”

“Without mutual respect and monetized politics, we can make a better people’s decision making and not selfish decisions that are mostly decided on our behalf, and youths around them give nods to this regrettable facts.”

“So let our youths learn to respect the people with heart of service, if you failed to plan, definitely you will plan to fail.”

“Very important for us to get involved by joining political parties of our choice, get registered with INEC, then start the mobilising process today of committed like minds, that only can give us the assurance of being free to be on the driver’s seat rather than waiting for one half baked politician to use and dump you.”

“Start the youth4youth movement today, I am an example of youth participation in politics, I don’t allow my political participation interests to clash with my social and societal values and beliefs.”

“I do things moderately, how youth must learn to be discipline minded, learn to respect each other.”

“No one will give us the free space to thrive except you and I. 2023 is here get involved swiftly today.”

“No free launch in Freetown and
Power is not served alerkart.”

“Final on the ladder which by virtue of its importance aught to come first, but in order not to loose the tempo of the conversation into a religious line, which is not, but very keen to get yourself close to God either you are Muslim or Christian, nor a traditional religion practitioner, let your voice and aspirations be guided with prayers, not miracles.”

“Let your faith speak for you, not religion”.

“Your conscience not your greed.”

“To this end we can all build better leadership and be on the driver’s seat than being a spectator waiting to be given instruction on what to do or what not…”

“Today is our future, tomorrow is now”.

“Get involved today in decision making from grassroots to the topmost echelons”.

“Thank you for your rapt attention”.

“Good evening”.

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