April 21, 2024

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Amb. Sulaiman Atawewe Speaks About What to Expect from Him in 2021

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The Ace Fuji Musician, Ambassador Sulaiman Adio Atawewe popularly known as Mr. Spirit was engaged by journalists on Sunday during the house warming of one of his bossom friends in Abeokuta.

When asked about his new album, Ambassador Sulaiman Adio Atawewe said his last album was released last year – According to him the last album which was titled “World Best” is doing fine.

While responding to a question about the effects of Covid-19 on him, Atawewe said he spoke about it in the new album “I spoke about the effects of Covid-19 on people especially the entertainment sector.

Atawewe talked about what his fans should be expecting from him in 2021:
“By God’s grace my fans should be expecting the video of my new album titled “World Best” and another album titled “Celebration” will be released latest by April 2021″. He also spoke about how he got the title for his Album “World Best”, “When you are good at what you are doing, people will be giving your different names and titled, I was given the name world best by a journalist who interviewed me at African Music Festival Concert”.

Speaking about collaborating with other Artists, Mr. Spirit reiterated that he can collaborate with any Artist if the Artist has idea of what to do and the artist has the Artist’s principle is in consonance with his principle of creativity.

Atawewe spoke about celebrating late Fuji Icon, Chief Sikiru Ayinde Barrister – He said, “Barry Wonder is an icon and also an Idol who should be worshipped because his invention has created many jobs and make many stars”.

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