April 12, 2024

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Those Claiming To Proclaim Chief Awolowo’s Legacy Are Just Doing So In Words Only, Not In Thoughts And Indeed

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Most groups and individuals claiming to be pro-Awolowo are not, they are just using it for political interest or to amass wealth without iota of Awoism in them.

Majority of them claim to be closer or being trained by Chief Awolowo in his life time, but I can bet you that even if Chief Awolowo is still alive, he won’t trust some of them and am sure same in his tomb for their conscience is not true Awoism.

They should just let baba to continue to rest peacefully and keep praying for him to meet our lord well rather than using his name for ulterior objective very far from his ideology while alive.

Why can’t they unite in ideology if truly they went through his tutelage and are projecting same cause rather than having several groups with different objective about same person?

They are more hypocrites than those who claimed to be followers of Christ and Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) but in their heart and indeed are totally different from the two Prophet’s teachings and philosophy.

Any individual or group claiming to be Awoism must first be ready not to see himself or group as the apex unless mutually adopted and agreed consensusly with all relevant stakeholders in attendance, not just hurriedly going to C.A.C or getting funds from politicians to float a group and claim to be the apex.

Every Awoist must be ready to let go his/her pride/selfishness for unification of Oduduwa descendants and ensure everyone’s opinion matters in decision making process and binding by all once adopted.

Every Awoist must be ready to take Yoruba liberation as a genuine cause like Chief Sunday Igboho is doing in the area he can (security wise) irrespective of being holder of any title or nomenclature in Yoruba land but taking the Yoruba liberation emancipation beyond social media ranting and above political party affiliation or interest of power.

Until those who claimed to be Awoist are doing so in thoughts and indeed, not just lip saying, Yoruba liberation will continued to be hindered by their activities knowingly and unknowingly.

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