May 26, 2024

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Explore the benefits of using Quickteller Business platform

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Over the past couple of years, Interswitch’s Webpay has been providing seamless payment solutions for large corporates across Africa. However, owing to its commitment to create and sustain a payment ecosystem that helps commerce evolve, businesses grow and individuals thrive, the platform was recently upgraded to cater for all business types: small businesses, large corporates and individuals.
The platform was also renamed Quickteller Business and signing up is completely free!

Quickteller Business is a more intuitive and robust platform, providing seamless payment solutions to businesses and their customers, irrespective of their sizes. From the platform, businesses and individuals can receive payments from anyone, anywhere and everywhere.
With the upgrade, Quickteller Business boasts of tons of amazing features such as easy payment collections with or without a website via multiple channels to invoicing, managing multiple businesses, tracking and reports, logistics support, customized business integration, etc.

Below is a quick exploration of the features of Quickteller Business:
Storefronts – Quickteller Business comes with a mini, customizable, e-commerce store that allows business owners generate unique storefronts links, create and list their products, manage product inventory, collect payments, manage orders and manage shipments.
Detailed Transaction Reporting – Quickteller Business will help businesses have access to detailed reports of their transactions across all collection channels – Web, POS, QR, USSD.

Dispute Management – With Quickteller Business, businesses of all types and sizes can manage their transaction disputes and chargebacks. Use Quickteller Business and forget about any payment dispute.
Refunds – Where required, businesses can seamlessly initiate partial or full refunds from the transaction details page.

Payment Links & Subscriptions – Businesses can now accept payments without a website by sending a payment link to their customers to sell physical and digital products on social media
e-Billing and Invoicing – Quickteller Business enables businesses to accept payments via Invoices by simply sending an automated but customized invoice to their clients and customers. This also helps the businesses track their sales.

Tokenization – On request, businesses can opt to enable the ability to tokenize payment cards to speed up the time it takes for their customers to check out on their websites
Multiple Integration Plans – Quickteller Business is customizable and offers multiple integration plans for web and mobile SDKs. Explore Pop Up, Page Redirect and Inline for web developers as well as iOS and Android for Mobile integration options.

Fraud Management – Quickteller Business is built using world-standard fraud management solutions that help mitigate fraudulent transactions.
Split Settlements – With Split Settlement, businesses can instruct Quickteller Business on how transactions should be settled into predefined bank accounts.
Developers (Sandbox) – Quickteller Business has enabled developers to explore the features of the platform in trial before they are activated for real transactions.
Let us not forget to mention some of the benefits of the Quickteller Business platform:

Benefits of Quickteller Business

Interestingly, these offers come at no cost. Yes, everything on the Quickteller Business platform is free. And if you register your business between now and April 2021, you will also enjoy zero transaction fees.
So, get your business registered on the platform for businesses, visit Quickteller Business platform now!

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