July 12, 2024

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APC Jittery Over Stability Of PDP In Ogun – Ogun PDP

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...As the end of road draws near for APC

The Ogun state chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) is surprised that the ruling All Progressives Congress(APC) finds it extremely difficult to hide its obvious fears over the growing wave of stability and harmony blowing in the PDP in recent time.

We are particularly surprised that the same APC, through its mouthpiece, Tunde Oladunjoye can be talking from both sides of the mouth by issuing official statement on behalf of the party on political developments in PDP that he had proclaimed dead and buried in Ogun state few months ago. This is actually confirming the inconsistency of the APC controlled government as It takes only an inconsistent political gathering such as the APC to blow cold and hot simultaneously.

For us as a responsible political party, we are of absolute conviction that APC, from day one, has been a major disstabilising factor behind the political disagreement in the PDP. They engineered it, they sustained it and have benefitted from it; but unfortunately they could not manage the inherent benefits as their sponsored moves were ungodly, uncivil and lack human face. This readily confirms the reasons why they are obviously pained by the gains of recent reconciliation achieved by the PDP in Ogun state and afraid of the consequent democratic efforts of the PDP in delivering the people of Ogun State from the shackles of APC.

While we will not be ready to join issues with the ruling APC government, we want to make bold to remind them that the people of Ogun still await all the “electoral eldorado” they promised during the electioneering campaigns. The government should remember that while the Governor chooses to keep silent, the scourge of insecurity in Ogun state still looms large under his weakling watch. The displaced indigenes who are in asylum in the neighbouring Benin Republic are tired of grains and noodles, they want to return to a secured home. The government should remember that about 15 months deductions of Ogun workers are still being owed just as Leave Bonuses are still outstanding.

Apart from these, we want to task Tunde Oladunjoye to kindly remind the ruling government that, for the sake of public probity and transparency, the government should make available the content of the Ogun state budget to the public. Ogun people deserve to know the full details of all contracts viz a viz its cost, duration and other engagement terms. We can not fold our arms while the business of democratic governance is shrouded in blatant secrecy.

In conclusion, we want it to be on record, that the current tide of peace and tranquility in our great party has been formidably cemented and never shall our party return to its dark days.
On the strength of this, our touch with the people waxes stronger and with a robust partnership with the good people of Ogun state who are extremely exhausted by unlimited agony which the ruling APC government represents, our party, the PDP, is committed to providing a complete alternative governance with human face and total commitment to the meaningful existence of Ogun people come 2023. We shall seize the mantle of government and send APC to the thrash where it truly belongs.

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