December 10, 2022


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Chrisland Schools Holds Annual Colour Day~NEWSEXTRA

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In a bid to encourage the appreciation and diversity of colours, the management of Chrisland schools organized its 2021 colour day themed “Creative World of Colours”.

The annual event is held for the Foundation Stage classes (Nursery classes) across all Chrisland Schools and is aimed at exposing learners to the utilitarian nature of colours; the aesthetics, the symbolic nature and the application of colour to our everyday life.

Speaking at the event in Chrisland school Opebi, the Headteacher of the school, Olabimpe Akenroye, explained that the annual event is designed to foster a genuine appreciation of the beauty and diversity that colours bring.

“If the whole world were blue, then we would all be like fishes in the sea, if the whole world were green like leaves, then we would all be birds and monkeys on trees,” she said

She advised everyone to embrace the diversity of colours and bask in the smiles they bring to our faces.

The activities of the day were centred around the creativity behind colour choice, the hidden meanings of colour and the encrypted message that each colour carries and symbolises.

In attendance were parents, educators and management of Chrisland schools.


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