January 29, 2022


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Federal Roads A Nightmare To The Country Says NIDGG

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The Nigerians in Diaspora for good governance has call on the federal government to swing into action and repair FG road who are terrible bad because it’s now a nightmare for the country. In fact, most of the roads have become deathtraps and kidnappers havens.

In a statement made available to Newsmen by Wale Skoat the president of NIDGG, says if we have a good road, the rate of kidnaping will reduce seriously in this country, no kidnaper will stand on a free and smooth road, our government have neglected the needful.

Nigerian roads are generally either in a state of disrepair, poorly maintained or altogether untarred.

With Nigeria boasting of the largest road network in Africa, it is not surprising that only about 60,000km out of its estimated 195,000km or road network is paved.

The group pointed out to many bad roads in the country, for example moro community in Kwara North senatorial district, the bridge is at the verge of collapse as we speak.

The road was later closed by the federal government says they will start work soon, ever since then the bridge is yet to receive any palliative or action from the government, what is our leaders doing with our budget?.

The group also condemned Sango-Ota road that is yet to receive attention by the government, “for how long are we going to call them out before they do the needful for us in this country”, our leaders are capable of looting our treasury, but failed to fix our roads because of thier greed and selfish interest.

Investigation reveals that the federal government has budgeted about N1.2 trillion for roads in five years, yet our roads are terrible bad. The two mentioned roads are not the only bad roads we have in this country it is everywhere.

Nigerians in Diaspora for good governance is a nonprofit corporation that tells good governance or bad the needful and we also care for the welfare of Nigerians.

Our group aims and objectives is to tell our leaders the right things to do for the country in all areas, we are not concern about roads alone, we care about all sectors and we will continue to speak at appropriate time. If our government do well, we will applaud them, if they fail we will call thier attention to it. That’s our stand.


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