December 10, 2022


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Christmas: Dr Chris Okafor Brings Succor To Widows, Doles Out over 3000 bags of Rice

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Christmas: Dr Chris Okafor Brings Succor To Widows, Doles Out over 3000 bags of Rice
Christmas: Dr Chris Okafor Brings Succor To Widows, Doles Out over 3000 bags of Rice

The responsibility of a church is beyond prayer and deliverance, but after inviting them, you deliver them and also empower them to function on their own, these and more are the mandate giving to Grace Nation worldwide aka Liberation city through the callings of his servant, the Generational prophet of God and Senior Pastor of the church, Dr Chris Okafor and that order stands till today.To this background, While giving out Christmas gifts to the widows numbered about 2500 and other set of the Less privilege around the church community in Ojodu Berger lagos Nigeria. The Christmas gifts which include food items like Rice, Gari and Cash, the oracle of God as he is fondly called by faithful’s, said this is our ways in Grace Nation to show love, put smile into the faces of the less privilege around us, and because the bible stated it categorically that there will always be the poor among us and in restoring their hope in Jesus Christ we are giving them food stuffs to celebrate Christmas with their families.The Generational prophet of God said the gesture is a monthly activities of the church where over 3000 widows get food stuffs and cash, Jesus Christ is the reason for this season so we look at some of the activities of Jesus Christ on earth and we emulate them. It was noted that Jesus Christ fed over 5000 people, so Grace Nation aka Liberation City is feeding over 5000 People for this Christmas season he remarked
Some of the widows who receives the Christmas gifts remarked that Dr Chris Okafor is sent by God to give the widows hope again, one of them who will not want her name mentioned said with the good gesture by Dr Chris Okafor every month is Christmas to them because Dr Chris Okafor give them those food items on a monthly bases, we are happy for this Christmas gift and Almighty God will continue to raise his hand up and also bless all the members of Grace Nation worldwide as they called on other men of God to emulate the good spirit of giving demonstrated by Dr Chris OkaforOn the Political instability in the country, the man of God remains that if the body of Christ pray together and seek God intervention things can still come back to better, though leadership is another factor but with God all things are PossibleIt will be recalled that Dr Chris Okafor of Grace Nation worldwide remains one of the major men of God around the world that will not compromised or play with the empowerment of the Less Privileged in the society.


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