December 7, 2023

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Sometime ago I brought you the story of one MFM pastor based in Austria that Maureen Badejo accused of fraud and stealing in her various social media channels, even after learning that an investigation was done about the matter and the pastor was given a clean bill of judgment by the Austrian police.

Interestingly, today the judgement of that matter has been successfully registered in the United Kingdom and the consequences of this is that;

1 she needs to retract all her statement about Mr. Omowanile regarding any form of accusation libel and image assassination

2 A statement should be made that all her accusations were wrong, and this should reflect in all her social media platforms

3 Maureen Badejo is to pay the legal fees of the sum of 4930 euros

4 she should refrain from mentioning any thing regarding the pastor Omowanile and anything that concerns MFM Austria.

2022 seem to be starting with legal problems for this woman and I would like bloggers and news drifters to learn from this obvious self-inflicted disaster.

If you are a blogger, and you don’t do your due diligence of sourcing proper facts or authentic stories before disseminating them. know that your troubles will meet you when you bounce off the wrong people

Maureen Badejo obviously took more than she can chew by touching the fire of God and trying to make a mockery of mountain of fire and miracles ministries and their GENERAL OBERSEER like she has always done with other ministries and gotten away, but it getting clearer that when God is with a man or a ministry, the truth will always prevail it will only take time

We are still investigating the judgement of the 100,000 pounds she is to pay to the OLUKOYAS of MFM, we will let you know how that is going maybe a special jail awaits her this 2022.

FEMI OYEWALE will always bring you the truth.

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