January 23, 2022


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Adamawa South Youth Beg Sanga To Join Senatorial Race

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Following his track records, a group, Southern Youths for Right Candidate, Adamawa State,
has endorsed Barrister Bala Sanga, an ex-Commissioner of Justice to vie for senatorial office in their zone.

A resident of Jada LGA, Sanusi Suleiman, who is a member of the group, told newsmen that they are calling on him to be their Senator due to his experience and immense contributions to development.

“When he was a commissioner of justice, he established some courts in Numan and Ganye. So these are some of the developmental projects he brought to people. His relationship with foreign investors will enhance a lot in terms of investments that would create job opportunities for his people,” he said.

In her submission, Hanatu Sama’ila (Tasalla), the group’s woman leader also spoke on the mutual relationship and rapport he has developed with his people.

“I am 100% sure that, if Bala Sanga steps his foot into office, women will benefit a lot.

“We women are bent.on wholeheartedly supporting him to enjoy democratic privilege,” Hannah said.

Another member of the group, Iliyasu Adamu in his submission, said that all the Southern Youth are yearning for is for Honourable Bala to answer their call.

“We plead to Sanga to answer our call,” illiyasu Adamu begged.

He added, “We know and we are proud to tell everyone that Bala is ready to uplift southern zone”.

Lastly, they unanimously called on people to support Barrister Bala Sanga.


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