December 7, 2023

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Mr Lawunmi Omotosho CEO/FOUNDER


How Markets Online business for consumers and producers of made in African products as emerged with an innovative business model, E-commerce that lies at the heart of digital economy defined by the organization of Economic Corporation and Development (OECD).

It prides its platform specifically for the sale or purchase of goods and services online whereby easing the payment methods online or offline in various categories as it deemed fit for business organization, consumers and those in government.

The United Nations released a Digital Economy report that led to promotion of international dialogue of capacity building for developing countries to improve on the evolving digital Economy in this Era of Covid19 pandemic

In the case study of an African designer that sells African attires favoured by the Africans in diaspora. It goes that the Designer desired to sell internationally but the likes of Platform was not in existence then. Thus, she could not access a global E-commerce platform to sell her made in Africa dresses to Africans in diaspora and global markets, as the saying goes, where there is a will there is a way.

She eventually linked up with an American E-commerce Platform to show case and sell to international audience instead. Her items were categorised as made in Africa and listed for sale in USD currency, an African buyer searched and clicked to buy the dress, the checkout price includes the purchase price plus 20% sales tax payable to America. Albeit the dress was made in Africa by an African, purchased by an African on an International platform outside Africa, alas the 20% sales tax was collected by America.
The role of How-markets in the instance is to continue to develop opportunities for African/Caribbean Businesses through the support available on its platform to integrate Business Vendors to have access to the World economy on an equitable basis. By providing the right tools, focus extensively on the opportunities and challenges of the digital economy, empower the vendors on the platform to showcase African and Caribbean made goods by offering specialist services to Business sellers. How-markets will be bringing onboard Purchase influencers like free delivery, bespoke packaging, in-house logistic system with Butler Service 24/7 fast track 7days a week and national hub returns, warehousing, competitive pricing, and an ad-free experience without interruptions’ that will continue to encourage repeat visits and higher spend, less inventory and quick payment to Vendors by not stifling their Cashflow.

Our plea to African/Caribbean Businesses is get engage in and benefit more fully from the growth of their online business activities through the African Global Marketplace a highly sustainable innovations in technology and modalities of E-commerce that is creating opportunities for companies of all sizes to engage in domestic, cross border and international trade through the adaptation of supply chains, lower costs and extended market reach. By reducing transaction and search costs as well as frictions at commercial interfaces, How-markets will enable those offering goods and services to connect more easily with (potential) consumers and to expand the volume of commercial transactions to escalate and increase returns on their investments.

Today is tomorrow, harness the potential of E-commerce, benefit from global markets digitalizing economy, while those that fail to do so today risk falling behind tomorrow.

We are creating a viable platform for African/Caribbean businesses to sell more across borders and globally for greater returns on investments.

The above information was released to online Africa media platforms and real time print and electronic media across Africa by the Founder and CEO of HOW-MARKETS GLOBAL (UK), Mr. Olawumi Omotoso.

He submitted that How-Markets Global is a “shop that never stop” and an innovative opportunity for businesses to reach more and sell more to enable both consumers and producers to access Global markets for a buoyant economic opportunities.

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