December 7, 2023

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Yetunde Bakare  Lectures Men On How To Treat Over Demanding Partners

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Nollywood actress, Yetunde Bakare, has advised fans to avoid being pressured by anyone as she lectured men on how to treat their overdemanding lovers.

The actress made this call on her Instagram story on Tuesday night.

She wrote, “As a young guy, if your girlfriend is always demanding for things you cannot afford, chase her away.”

Touching on parents who heap responsibilities on their unemployed children, the actress noted that such parents should be questioned about the source of wealth expected to be used by the child to meet the need.

Bakare wrote, “As a child, if your parents are giving you responsibilities knowing fully well that you’re not working, ask them how and where they expect you to get the money. Don’t let anybody pressurise you.”

This comes at a time when celebrities were speaking up against the spate of ritual killings and money rituals bedevilling the country.

Ace music video director, Unlimited LA, in his reaction, stated that young boys should understand that honest work pays.

The cinematographer, whose real name is Olalekan Oluwasegun, took to his official Twitter handle recently to state that young men need to be taught that there were people who make money legitimately.

“I think it’s time we let these young boys understand that honest or legit workers are also making money too. We just too busy to show off. Before dem use everybody do rituals finish,” he tweeted.

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