November 26, 2022


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Freshly Served! Enjoy these New Drama Series on GOtv this February

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Freshly Served! Enjoy these New Drama Series on GOtv this February
Freshly Served! Enjoy these New Drama Series on GOtv this February

This February, GOtv has something extra special for lovers of Telenovelas. This month of love, new drama series will debut on GOtv in addition to all your favorite entertainment programmes. Look forward to a rollercoaster of emotions with these top-notch drama series filled with romance, suspense, betrayal, action, passion, and all the emotions in between.

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Top on our list of must-watch new drama series, making her debut on GOtv is a romantic love story titled, Never Say goodbye S1. This is more than your typical Romeo and Juliet story. The story is centered around Vividiha and Kailash, two star-crossed lovers, who find themselves fighting against internal and external obstacles standing in the way of their happiness including fate and family prejudice. This series focuses on the love woven around the pride of a son, the coming of age of a daughter, and the duty of a husband. Follow the intrigue, romance, betrayal, joy, pain, redemption, and a fight for love. Showing daily at 9pm on Star Life (Channel 23). Available on GOtv Max.

Next is Dream Girl S1, a story of young Lakshmi who leaves Jodhpur to Mumbai with the hope of becoming the next dream girl. The title is however held by Ayesha, a sister-in-law to the powerful and prominent Sareen family, owners of the dream girl pageant. Ayesha will stop at nothing to ensure she retains the title and the power that comes with it. Lakshmi and Ayesha go head-to-head in this new drama series. She also tries to destroy the relationship between Lakshmi and Samar, the last son of the Sareen family all in the bid to hold on to the dream girl title. Oooh, so much suspense and intrigue with this one. Showing daily at 7pm on Star Life (Channel 23). Available on GOtv Max.

One thing the next drama on our list teaches us is life isn’t always roses and sunshine even though you try to always see the positive side in every situation. Happy Hearts S1 is a drama series that follows the life of Happy Mehra, a free-spirited middle-class girl. Her happy, positive-filled disposition is tested to the limits when she meets a playboy, Rocky Khosla, and his much calmer brother, Chintu. Happy and Rocky both experience loss, false accusations, banishment, and abandonment. Happy Heart has all the elements of a great family drama with great acting, a good number of twists, and suspense. Showing daily at 8pm on Star Life (channel 23). Available on GOtv Max.

We also recommend the following drama series for your viewing pleasure.

The mythical kingdom of Batswana is engulfed in turmoil when members of the royal family of Kwena start a vicious power struggle to take over the mineral deposits discovered on their land. Follow the treachery, deceit, and drama in the new drama series, The Throne S1, showing at 5:30pm, weekdays on Novela Magic (Channel 20). Exclusive to GOtv Supa.

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