December 8, 2022


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2023: Christians Should Arm Themselves With Their Voters Card – Rev. Adekola

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2023: Christians Should Arm Themselves With Their Voters Card – Rev. Adekola
2023: Christians Should Arm Themselves With Their Voters Card – Rev. Adekola

Kehinde AdeleyeIn this interview with EaglesPath the convener Peace in Nigeria Prayer Group, Rev’d Johnson O Adekola, spoke with our correspondent during the fifth (5th) edition of the prayer meeting at the Divine Covenant of Mercy Evangelical International, Lagos.Peace in Nigeria Prayer Group is a ministry that stand in the gap to pray for Nigeria every year.This year one Day International Prayer for Nigeria was tagged, ‘Peace and Progress. The converner made it known that christians do not need to shy away from Politics, they need to arm themselves with their voters card as 2023 election approaches.1. Can we meet you sir?
My name is Rev’d Johnson O Adekola the Senior Pastor of Christ Gospel Power Foundation, and member of PFN Mission and Evangelism Director and also the CAN Planning and Strategies Director in lpaja Ayobo LCDA.By the special grace of God, I am also the convener of Peace in Nigeria group with our Secretariat at 11, Eleshinmogun Str,Ajelanwa Str., Off Fatade Road, Baruwa lnside, Ipaja, Lagos State2. How long has this group been standing in the gap by interceding for Nigeria?Long before now, we’ve been praying for peace in Nigeria, economic transformation and for us to have a leader that will have the masses at heart because in the book of 1 Timothy 2vs1&2, the Bible says we should pray for all men most especially our leaders, .lt is God that gave us this mandate to be praying for our nation in the beginning of the year. However three years ago l we decided to form this group and the Lord has really been manifesting himself and answering our prayers concerning Nigeria.3. Are people really interested in praying for Nigeria?
…laughslike that your question because many people do not want to hear about prayer for NIGERIA, but I must tell as a clergy man, it’s only God that we can cry to regarding all problem we’re facing in this country.
When we started in 2018, we had about 100 people in attendance and Nigerian’s prayed wholeheartedly for the progress of this country, as you can see we’ve over 260 people in attendance.4. What’s the motive behind gathering people to pray for NIGERIA?My brother the happenings around the country deserves prayer, look at the insecurity in the country, money rituals , unemployment, economic meltdown and so on. We believe it’s only God that can not fail in all and only prayer can bring the solution.5. Most of the problems Highlighted and the major challenges in the country can be traced to leadership, should Christians contest for political positions, knowing fully well that politics is a dirty game.Politics is not a dirty game as we use to perceive it, and it’s not only in Nigeria that politics is being practiced, it’s practiced everywhere in the whole world. Nigeria Christian should go in to it and shouldn’t by shy or afraid to take the bold step.The bible says righteousness exalt a Nation, if we allow those that did not have the spirit of God to take Political position, we will keep grumbling and complaining about the state of the Nation. I’ll advise that christians who are capable and holy spirit filled should sell elective positions, and we’ll also be praying for them too.6. What should now be the roles of christians in 2023 election, so we don’t repeat amen cycle of prayers every year.God bless you so much my brother, the bible says that many are called, but few are chosen.” In this part of the world we don’t want to participate in any of the electioneering processing and the bible aslo made us to understand that and the bible ask us a question in the book of Romans 8:33 Who will bring any charge against those whom God has chosen?.Christian should go out in mass and arm themselves with their Voters Card and have it in mind that it is there responsibility to vote on election day and be voted for.Bible is not against voting , so we shouldn’t be be discouraged because if we refuse to vote, we’ll be led by unrighteous people.May God safe Nigeria7. How can we reach out to your prayer group?
I believe I’ve given you our address, you can also reach out to us via phone call/WhatsApp or email;08052037354,08028474225,08068043302


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