November 27, 2022


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Why I Want To Be The First King Of Ajah And Okun Ajah – Bodunrin Olumegbon Lawal Reveals

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Why I Want To Be The First King Of Ajah And Okun Ajah – Bodunrin Olumegbon Lawal Reveals
Why I Want To Be The First King Of Ajah And Okun Ajah – Bodunrin Olumegbon Lawal Reveals

An indigene of Lagos Island, Bodunrin Olumegbon Lawal has spoken on the reasons behind his ambition to become the first king to be appointed in Ajah and Okun Ajah, Lagos state.

Bodunrin Olumegbon revealed that his ambition is not far-fetched from the need to empower, upgrade and make Lagos Island a better inhabitant for indigenes.

Bodunrin noted that there are needs of the Olumegbon family that should be met but because the family isn’t well empowered, the needs are not being met. Going down the memory lane, He explained that the current Oba Of Lagos once told him that with the properties Olumegbon family own, no member of the family should taste poverty but there is no way to access them due to the unavailability of the kingship title.

‘’The present Oba of Lagos told me some time ago that with the property Olumegbon has, we can’t taste poverty but before we can get those properties to our custody, we need to have the kingship title.

At this age, a lot of people in our family really need empowerment and if our family can get a source, why can’t we empower our children, aged people, youths because we all know the situation of our country. If Olumegbon can have the properties that can fetch us something tangible, we will achieve a lot.’’

Speaking on his core areas of concentration, Bodunrin Olumegbon cited Education, health empowerment, constructions and sustainability of culture and tradition

‘’One of the main reasons behind my ambition is education. Many years ago, it may not be very important but in this dispensation, it is very key. We must encourage education. If Olumegbon has properties to assist, we can even loan people so they can have quality education because the younger generation are those who will take over from us’’

‘’Secondly, let’s look at the aged people who can’t do anything again. Health is a very important thing, if one is sick and doesn’t have money for treatment, he or she will die. Health is also one of the core things I will be looking into’’

‘’Thirdly, when we take a look at Lagos Island, there are so many construction works that need to be done. This is where our forefathers lived, it is important we take good care of it. We must also not forget our tradition, we celebrate the Eyo festival and people from overseas come to experience it. It’s always celebrated once in a while and when we do it, the revenue that comes in is always much. The last time we did it was ten years ago, we must not forget our tradition because of civilization’’

‘’Most of us who are indigenes of Isale-Eko don’t live there, we need something that will be taking us back home regularly no matter where we are. We want something that will bring the Olumegbon family together as one and the kingship title is one of the things that can make that happen’’

‘’I want to build hospitals, technical schools which are very important. Going to school without being skilled is not advisable especially in this present dispensation we have found ourselves in the country. There are parents who can’t afford to educate their children, these are the things we will be doing if I become the first king of Ajah’’

Furthermore, Bodunrin Olumegbon reiterated the fact that there has never been a king in Ajah despite the fact that some of the prominent kings in Lagos like Elegushi, Oniru left Lagos Island to become rule over their lands while maintaining that it is time for the people of Ajah to also have a king.

‘’We have never had a king in Ajah, Elugushi, Oniru left from Isale-Eko to rule over their lands, our own land is in Aja and we want to rule over it. We used to have Baales but since the Baale died, we told the government we don’t want Baale anymore but kingship.’’


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  1. I am fully in support of him to be the king of Ajah, he is a man that understand the citizen and what they want at the right time and if he becomes the king i know he will do exploit and turn Ajah around to more and more better place.

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