December 7, 2023

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GAC Motors Paid Chinese Nationals Their Salaries,  But Nigerians Have to Wait!

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A Nigerian worker at GAC Motors has accused the management of Choice International Group (CIG), owners of GAC Motors, GREE Air Conditioners and LONTOR, of mistreating their Nigeran employees.

According to the worker, who asked not to be named, Diana Chen, President of CIG, refuses to pay employees their salaries when due.

He told FIJ, “Chief of their offences is their refusal to pay their employees on time. Salaries are delayed till 15th, 16th, even 20th of a new month.

“The Chinese employees in the company have been paid, while she purposely delays the salaries of Nigerians till she feels like paying, just to prove her power.

“Some people have tried to get the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) involved in the past, but she finds a way to settle them and kill the story.

“She goes as far as sacking whoever dares to report her highhandedness.The employees walk around the organisation on egg shells for fear of being laid off.”

He also accused Chen of dismissing employees without following due process.

“There was one NYSC member whom she dismissed about 3 months to the end of the service year. We tried to plead with her, but she didn’t listen,” he said.

When contacted Victor Adebayo, the group’s chief operating officer, he asked this reporter to come to his office to discuss it.

When contacted another executive of the group, who asked not to be named. He confirmed the report. “It is true. January’s salary was paid yesterday,” he said.


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