November 30, 2022


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Erelu Okin Pearl Ogbulu Visits School, Donates Educational Materials

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Erelu Okin Pearl Ogbulu Visits School, Donates Educational Materials
Erelu Okin Pearl Ogbulu Visits School, Donates Educational Materials

With her undying passion for education as a core value for development in the society, High Chief Pearl Chidinma Ogbulu, the Erelu Okin is not relenting in her oars touching lives of children; most especially in the area of education with her recent pet project currently going around the country.Despite her recent travails over sharing of fuel in jerrycans at her event in Lagos, she has refused to allow it to weigh her down as she visited Victoria Island Grammar school Lagos on Friday the 11th of March 20201 with her team where she went to charge the students on the need to take their studies serious and after speaking to them, she donated exercise books and other educational materials to aid learning and also serve as a form of support to further make education seamless and attractive as a means of reducing illiteracy in the country.In her words, the businesswoman disclosed that; I have always had a passion for education; this has spurred me to take up this pet project where I meet and speak to students and also donate educational materials to aid learning. The only tool to erase poverty in the country is education and if we all can support the government through the Public and Private Partnership scheme, we can eradicate the menace called illiteracy through quality learning. I will not only do it in Lagos, the train will move to Ogun state and other states across Nigeria. I am passionate about it and I won’t relent.”The Abeokuta Chief would also be commissioning her borehole projects littered across Ogun state as a means of touching lives of the downtrodden giving portable water to those within the rural areas in Ogun state.


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