November 27, 2022


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Labo Foundation Set To Feed 1000 Less Privileged Children In Nigeria

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Labo Foundation Set To Feed 1000 Less Privileged Children In Nigeria
Labo Foundation Set To Feed 1000 Less Privileged Children In Nigeria

The prominent and purpose driven LABO Foundation is set to feed 1000 less privileged children in lagos state during the forth coming easter celebration.

The Founder labo Foundation Amb Dr Olabisi Akanbi who is well known for his philanthropical gesture and generosity towards the young and old ones will be partnering with a youth based NGO called Rescue Nigeria’s future leaders initiative RNFLI to feed and empower 1000 less privileged children across lagos state.

Easter which is a Christian festival which celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The celebration comes between 21 to 23 April every year and will be celebrated all across the globe. The world together has experienced everyone irrespective of their religion celebrating easter. While privileged children and kids are home with their parents and family, some are on the street with no food, some are in correctional centers, some are under bridges or abandoned houses with no hope.

The Founder of the labo Foundation Amb Akanbi has always shown total commitment and love to eradication of poverty and youth empowerment, he has over the years engaged in this kind of gesture of giving food to the needy, supporting businesses with cash, assisting youth and students organizational projects and support to humanity.

The president of Rescue Nigeria future leaders initiative Comrade Oriyomi oloyede, graciously appreciate a rare gem, a mentor and inspirational leader Amb Dr Olabisi Akanbi for partnering with the Ngo to feed kids during this year easter celebration. He said Nigerians should expect more programs from Labo Foundation and Rescue Nigeria’s future leaders initiative.

The program which will give opportunities to kids in Nigerian correctional centers and located areas with poor kids get refreshment and foods for the celebration.

The purpose of this event is to give hope and motivation to these kids that there is a better and brighter future ahead for them.


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