November 30, 2022


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ASSAULT: Anxious Patient’s Relative Attack LASUTH Workers

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ASSAULT: Anxious Patient’s Relative Attack LASUTH Workers
ASSAULT: Anxious Patient’s Relative Attack LASUTH Workers
The attention of the Management of Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH) was drawn to a media publication by one Mr. Reginald Uwandu and Aso Family on Friday, 24th of December, 2021 in the Punch Newspaper, “accusing the hospital of negligence and a demand for public apology” after physically assaulting medical personnel on duty that fateful day. This report was seen to intentionally project the hospital in a negative light upon the death of Mr. Aso.
While the hospital Management wholeheartedly sympathises with the Aso family on the death of their loved one; LASUTH will not tolerate any kind of harassment of our staff who are diligently executing their duties to save lives. Hence, our zero tolerance on staff assault.
After thorough investigation, the Hospital concluded that the physical assault on its members of staff at the Surgical Emergency Unit of the hospital was unwarranted.
Therefore, the hospital Management deemed it fit to seek redress in the court.
Upon receipt of the court order, the Aso family sent a written appeal to the Management of LASUTH for out-of-court resolution. In addition, the Hospital also received several pleas from well-meaning individuals for leniency on behalf of the family.
In order not to further compound the trauma of the family, having lost a loved one, the hospital Management agreed to consider the pleadings from the family and well-meaning individuals to withdraw the court case.
Consequently, at an out of court settlement meeting, the family agreed to the following terms with the Hospital:
A) A letter of apology addressed to the Board and Management of LASUTH.
B) Individual apology letters addressed to the members of staff who were assaulted – letters should to be signed by Mr. Reinald Uwandu, the Respondent.
C) Evidence of publication in the media, on the apology by the family to the hospital and assaulted members;
The legal counsel of Aso family promised to ensure that all the terms of the hospital would be met with immediately.
The Management of LASUTH has also put in place checks and balances to prevent assault on the staff and vandalization of properties within the hospital.
We therefore, use this opportunity to reiterate that LASUTH is a government-owned hospital that attends to the medical needs of a vast array of people. The Hospital is committed to its mission of rendering high quality healthcare services to Lagosians. However, we expect that any grievance(s) be channelled through appropriate quarters where they will be reviewed and addressed accordingly.

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