November 30, 2022


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Abuja-Kaduna Train Attack: 31 Days After And Still in Captivity

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Abuja-Kaduna Train Attack: 31 Days After And Still in Captivity
Abuja-Kaduna Train Attack: 31 Days After And Still in Captivity

It is disheartening and uncharitable that the innocent lives on the recently attacked Kaduna bound train from Abuja are still in kidnappers’ den thirty-one days after being attacked by armed bandits with little or no efforts from the Nigerian government.

It would be recalled that bandits ambushed the train heading for Kaduna from the nation’s capital city after bombing its rail track on March 28
during which at least eight persons were killed and others kidnapped or missing.

In the train attack, at least eight passengers were killed in the incident, while 168 others were kidnapped or declared missing. Out of the figure, one person was recently freed.

Yes, President Buhari has described the ugly incident as callous and matter of grave concern and also gave a directive to security chiefs to hunt down the terrorists and rescue those abducted.

But, what has happened thereafter this directive? What has been the follow-up? How many people have been released and what has been the update from the security chiefs as far as the development is concerned?

This non-challant attitude prompted the relatives of the kidnapped victims to accuse the federal government of insensitivity towards the plight of the victims two weeks after the incident.

They also said that since the incident, the NRC had yet to reach out to them on efforts made to rescue the kidnapped victims.

Therefore, the relatives of the victims handed down a 72-hour ultimatum to the federal government to ensure the safe rescue of their beloved ones from the den of the terrorists. They said failure to listen to them would force them to decide on how to rescue their loved ones.

We all know that one of the fundamental objectives of the government is the protection of lives and property of its citizens and this consequently makes it a dereliction on the side of the government.

These victims are mothers, fathers, guardians, children of so many people in the country; hence, they are much needed for various important activities in the families. This situation has culminated to untimely deaths of family members due to depression, over thinking and so many others.

President Buhari should please make this situation atop his priority in order to ensure the release of the victims alive so they can return to their families.

Segun Adedotun writes from Kaduna


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