November 30, 2022


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Bigibet’s Refuse To Release Customer’s N33,000 Winning

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Bigibet’s Refuse To Release Customer’s N33,000 Winning
Bigibet’s Refuse To Release Customer’s N33,000 Winning

Abah John, a 38-year-old Lagos resident, has complained about Bigibet’s refusal to treat his withdrawal request, four months after attempting to redeem his N33,000 winning from the betting platform.

 He staked N5,000 on the betting site in November 2021. After playing and winning a series of games, his winning accumulated to a total sum of N45,000.

“When I tried to withdraw my winnings from the betting platform in January I could not,” Abah said.

“My inability to withdraw my winnings left me frustrated and I took a part of the N45,000 to place a fresh bet. This time however, I lost the bet.

“Eventually, I needed to withdraw the remaining N33,100 I had left on the platform but I still could not.”

Abah said he placed another withdrawal request on January 20 but rather than receive the proceeds in his account, the transaction has been on ‘pending status’ since.

The bettor also said that, despite reaching out to Bigibet’s customer service on several occasions on the issue, he was yet to receive any favourable resolution.

“The response Bigibet keeps giving me is that I should continue to exercise patience. Till today, I am yet to receive a dime from my winning,”Abah said.

“At a point, Bigibet promised that they would help me reverse the money from its ‘pending’ status into my Bigibet wallet. But since making the promise, the betting app is yet to fulfill it. My money is still hanging as we speak.”

FIJ made several calls to Bigibet’s phone lines, but they were not answered. The text messages sent to the outfit were also not responded to at press time.



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