September 22, 2023

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SOGO GREEN 2023: Changing The Narrative In Agege Constituency II

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By Akinwale Kasali

Since the emergence of Democracy in Nigeria in 1999, the nation has witnessed 23 Years of uninterrupted Democratic reign.

In what has become a ‘ritual’ and a norm, every Four Years, electorates go to the poll to cast their vote for individuals seeking elective positions.

The aim of the electorates is to enjoy the dividends of Democracy with provision of basic amenities, trusting and optimistic for a better future, cast their votes for their preferred Candidates.

Sadly, the hope of this electorates are often time dashed, as promises made by those seeking elective positions are not fulfilled, with the commonwealth of the people been hijacked and siphoned by those they had trusted.

Over the years, elected representatives disassociate from the constituents after been voted into power.

In view of this anomalies, as the 2023 Election gathers momentum, Aspirants vying for different Political positions both at the State and Federal Level have indicated interest to run for various elective positions.

However, there seems to be a Wind of Change in Agege Constituency II, as a vibrant, Youthful, dogged, proactive and honest Aspirant has thrown its hat into the ring, to vie and represent its Constituents in the Lagos State House of Assembly race.

Ejikunle Olorunsogo is of many parts. To some he is an humanitarian, Courageous, versatile and an embodiment of trust and honesty, while to some, he is a fountain of wisdom where many can draw from, following his humility that is equal to none, coupled with his humble background.

Born over Three Decades ago in Lagos State, the Agriculturist turn Politician graduated from the Prestigious Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, LAUTECH, Ogbomoso, Oyo State, where he studied Animal Production and Health.

He has over the years had the intention to run for an elective political position with the sole aim of changing the narratives, by interfacing with her constituents, to forge and foster a cordial relationship between the constituents and their representatives which hasn’t been the norm.

Agege Constituency II constituents could be said not to have fully enjoyed the dividend of democracy as people oriented programs and policies that would bring prosper and self reliance to the constituents isn’t at reach.

The passion, love and interest of hia constituents at heart was what motivated Ejikunle Olorunsogo to vie to represent his constituency at the Hallowed Chamber come 2023 to change the dynamics, bringing to reality a New Dawn for Agege Constituency II.

The Enigma called Hon. Ejikunle Olorunsogo
reflects the quality of honesty, integrity, accountability, courage, self-awareness, wholeheartedness, educated, enlightened, dependable, lovable, Godly, highly intellectual youth & most importantly, a very humble personality, which can be attributed to the quality of training he got & the fountain of wisdom he has drawn much of his knowledge from, she’s been around the political spheres for a long while.

The dynamic Ejikunle Olorunsogo depicts a resourceful Youth, energetic, Open Minded and Highly Intelligent Individual who is determined to impact positively on the development of her constituency, bringing to fore giant strides, such as Social Infrastructures and sustainable development to her constituents.

There is need to Galvanize support for this young man who has impacted his constituents in his own little through an initiative called ‘Green Walk’, where business ideas are shared among the youths and broaden their horizon on the need to eke a living through entrepreneurial skills.

This however connotes developmental strides for her constituency.

There is need for all and sundry to queue behind this colossus that is on a mission to improve the lives of his constituents and bring to reality the developmental growth the people has always yawned for.

No doubt, Ejikunle Olorunsogo is the New Dawn his constituents had always yearned for.

Certainly it is a New Dawn for Agege Constituency II with Ejikunle Olorunsogo as the visioneer to bring to reality the desired development and giant strides his constituents yearned for.

Ejikunle Olorunsogo is an aspirant of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, jostling to represent his constituents in Agege Constituency II at the Hallowed Chamber of the Lagos State House of Assembly Seat.

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