November 27, 2022


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David Aderinokun Is The Only PDP Aspirant That Can Defeat APC, Group Writes Ogun Central PDP Delegates

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Ahead of the senatorial primaries of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) A youth group called My vote for PDP Initiative writes the party delegates in ogun central to support Aderinokun.


The group coordinator Oriyomi Oloyede calls on all party delegates in Ogun central district to vote wisely for the success of our party in the coming election. He said this is the right time to rewrite the name of our party in gold and to recapture lots of voters to the party.



Among all senatorial candidates in the party, Chief david olumide Aderinokun has all it takes to defeat the ruling party in the state, he has attracted the support of the technocrats and the elite, he has gotten the support of the the average and common citizens who are not even members of our party. David Aderinokun has registered his name in the heart of people with his humanitarian gesture across ogun central, the common people are seeing DOA as the man who can close gap between the rich and poor in the Ogun central.



Any candidacy aside David Aderinokun might have a negative impact on the success and chances of the party in the Ogun state.



We appeal strongly to all party delegates, leaders, and other aspirants to embrace DOA ambition for us to win and claim Ogun state from this failed government we find ourselves today.


My vote for PDP INITIATIVE is looking forward to a peaceful and transparent primary that we will be proud of.


We assured the good people of ogun central of qualitative representation and massive empowerment to all.


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