December 7, 2023

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How Maureen Badejo Spoke The Death Of Her Youtube Channel

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As long as the LORD IS ON THE THRONE, and you worship him in spirit and in truth, anyone that comes against you shall hit their head on the rock, and whatever they plan shall and will always backfire.






Some months ago, Maureen Badejo took out one of the articles I wrote about her and read it out loud in one of her live shows to her audience. In that article, I asked her what she wanted from MFM, and she replied on air, that she wants MFM to stop functioning. Immediately, the issue of Moses and Pharaoh in exodus flashed across my mind and I replied to her in a follow up article, about the blunder she just uttered.







In the follow up article, I made her to understand that it’s not every man of God you speak ill about, and it’s not every church you talk down. A true men of God carry the anointing that brings blessings to men, likewise, a curse upon anyone who tries to ridicule the power of God in their lives.








Maureen went as far as to touch MFM and Dr DK Olukoya, but she had no idea what she messed with. For what you have pronounced that you want to happen to MFM will befall you, BEHOLD IT HAS COME TO PASS.










This charlatan and a hoaxer of a woman who has refused to do a decent job in her lifetime, rather chose a path of condemnation by trying to ridicule men of God through the most slanderous way possible finally hit the brick wall AS HER GIOTV CHANNELS ARE PULLED DOWN FROM YOUTUBE the 10th day of June.








I will remind the world that I have said it repeatedly that this woman is a fraud, one that is looking for followers and views online, for financial purposes, and in such she dabbles into matters that she considers favorable TO HER VIEWERS.










Be it destructive to others, she doesn’t care, as far as she is making money from it she will continue to fabricate lies, cook up stories , organize fake testimonies and lots more.








For almost two years, she slandered and defamed Dr dk Olukoya the general overseer of the mountain of fire and miracles ministries as well as the church mountain of fire and Miracle’s ministries worldwide, until they were vindicated by the court in London and other courts from different parts of the world, asking her to desist from further defamation, tender a written and a visual apology across all her channels and to pay the sum of 100,000 pounds to Dr Olukoya and the wife for defamation.






As far as I know, SHE IS YET TO PAY THAT FINE As a matter of fact that matter emptied her followership and viewership from an audience of almost 100,000 followers to just a hand full of about 78 people because people came to see the true person that she is, the mother of lies.


When I said before that this woman needed some psychiatric evaluation people thought I was joking today we have seen the fall and the fall of MAUREEN BADEJO you spoke ill of MFM and further said that you want it to stop existing TODAY YOU ARE THE ONE THAT IS GOING INTO EXTICTION rest well GIOTV.


let this also serve as a stern warning to those of you who are still running their mouths from America, very soon I believe that you will soon make the mistake that will put you in real trouble.




I rest my case

FEMI OYEWALE for sahara weekly

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