December 8, 2022


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Oworosoki Chiefs, Elders Drum Support For Oba Babatunde Saliu

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The elders and chiefs of oworosoki Kingdom have drum support for the newly crowned King, Oba Babatunde Saliu Elebo II.

In a street chat with some elders and chiefs of the community by Newsextra, it was gathered that the new Oba is well loved by his people.

According to chief isiaka Lateef, the Alapini oje of oworosoki, Oba Babatunde is a responsible and intelligent king. He spoke briefly on the processes that led to the emergence of Oba Babatunde while noting that there is no crisis in Oworonsoki community.

” In all fairness, we have a responsible and intelligent King. Before he became the King, the elders and chiefs of oworosoki joined heads together and consulated oracle and we discovered that Oba Babatunde Saliu Elebo II is truly the chosen one”.

” We also called all those who want to become the king for an interview and Oba Babatunde Saliu won as well, oworosoki is one and we have only one king who is Babatunde Saliu Elebo II”

“Oba Babatunde Saliu Elebo II is following all the Kingdom guidelines and that’s why we elders and chiefs followed him”

” Those who lost out have been called to embrace peace among each other and ever since then, we don’t have crisis in our community”.

In the same vein; Yusuf lawal, the Aare oje of oworosoki Kingdom confirmed that there is no crisis in the community and that ever since Oba Babatunde emerged as King, there have been signs of God’s hand upon his kingship.

“Truly we don’t have crisis in the community, infact the breeze that fells on us since ascending the throne of his father is a prove to us that we have a God’s chosen King”.

” Oba Babatunde Saliu Elebo II has been known to be a coolheaded person even before he was crowned the king, he is a philanthropist to the core. He is running an open door policy”.

Lawal however denied the rumors spreading across that there is crisis in the community, he noted that everything is going smoothly.

Also, An aged elderly woman in oworosoki community known as Amudalatu Amusan expressed happiness on the emergence of Oba Babatunde Saliu, while praying for his long life.

” I an happy that babatunde saliu is the new Oba of oworosoki because i am fully behind him, I prayed may his days be long on the throne of his father.”


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