February 5, 2023

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C&S Amazing Grace District Celebrates 22nd Havest, Preaches Peace, Unity

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Evang. Adeleke Adeyemi, President, Youth Fellowship


By Adeyemi Obadimu


The Cherubim and Seraphim movement Church, Amazing Grace District, held its Annual Harvest on Sunday 27th November, 2022, with the theme, ” Harvest Of Fruitfulness”.



The auditorium was filled to capacity as People from far and wide graced the occasion to celebrate God’s Faithfulness in the lives of the member of the Church.



The Shepherd of the Church, Snr. Apostle Michael Olumide Sotonwa said that the Harvest was targeted at celebrating God’s faithfulness in the lives of the Church and the members.


Snr. Apps. Michael Olumide Sotonwa, Shepherd


He said it was necessary to appreciate the Almighty God for his benevolence on the Church and the members, and it was also a way of bringing to play God’s commandment that we should multiply and fruitful in all our endeavours in life.



He however urged Nigerians and Christians to embrace peace and unity in the church of God and for Nigeria at large.



Resident Pastor of the church, Snr Apostle Gbolahan Lawanson als urged the church of God to pray for peace and unity.


He said this year Harvest will see the Church and all its invited guests experience a great turnaround, increase and enlargement in all their endeavours in life.



According to him, “We have been praying to God to change peoples status and people will testify to the glory of God, and God has been faithful to the Church”.



He however advised the church of God to stand tall for God and Represent God well anywhere they find themselves and everyone should be helpful to one another.



In the same vein, the Harvest Chairman, Apostle john Aderibigbe Adekorede said this year harvest of fruitfulness will change peoples life because God of Amazing Grace has been wonderful and has changed peoples status positively.



Aderibigbe added that God of Cherubim and Seraphim will bless every church members both home and abroad and they will be fruitful in everything they laid their hands on.


He said this 22nd Harvest Celebration is one of it’s kind, as they are also bent on putting Nigeria in their prayers as the 2023 Election draws closer as the Church is praying that God should choose a better candidate for the country that will better the life of the citizens.



He urged the youths to shun violence and be more focus in there dealings.



In the same vein, the President of the Youth Fellowship, Evang. Adeleke Adeyemi, said that the Church is grateful to God for his grace and mercy thus far, stressing that it was necessary to appreciate God’s magnanimity that has kept the Church of God going.



He prayed that this Year’s Harvest of Fruitfulness will make the Church experience supernatural turnaround in their businesses, marriages, finance and all facet of life.

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