July 12, 2024

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Adedipe Ewenla Holds Annual Ramadan Lecture, As Shiek Jamiu Amin Olohun Preaches

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Adedipe Dauda Ewenla, a prominent figure in the Islamic community, and CEO Adedas & Company Global Services yesterday 3rd of April 2024 hosted its annual Ramadan Lecture at Awori bus stop in Abule Egba.

The event featured a thought-provoking sermon by the popular Islamic scholar, Sheik Jamiu Amin Olohun, who emphasized the importance of honoring and worshipping parents above all else.

In his passionate address, Sheik Jamiu Amin Olohun stressed the significance of showing respect and gratitude to one’s parents, highlighting their pivotal role in nurturing and shaping individuals. He urged attendees to prioritize their parents’ well-being and to value their guidance and wisdom above any other authority figures, including pastors and Alfas.

The lecture served as a meaningful reminder of the fundamental teachings of Islam, promoting love, respect, and devotion towards parents as a core principle of the faith. It resonated deeply with the audience, who expressed appreciation for the valuable insights shared by Sheik Jamiu Amin Olohun.

Adedipe Ewenla’s annual Ramadan Lecture continues to be a cherished tradition in the Abule Egba community, providing a platform for spiritual enrichment and education during the holy month of Ramadan. The event serves as a beacon of unity and faith, bringing together members of the Islamic community to celebrate and reflect on the teachings of Islam.

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