July 12, 2024

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PDP: How Primate Ayodele’s Prophecy Exposed Ex-Rivers Governor, Nyesom Wike (VIDEO)

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The national executive council (NEC) meeting of the People Democratic Party (PDP) that held yesterday further cemented the strength of the former governor of Rivers state, Nyesom Wike and his G-5 group in the party despite the fact that they all worked against the candidate of the party during the 2023 presidential election.

Before the NEC meeting, many political analyst and commentators had predicted that Nyesom Wike, who is a serving minister under the current APC administration will not be admitted into the meeting because of his political affiliations and support for an opposition party but they were all caught by surprise yesterday when the former Rivers state governor was graciously admitted into the meeting.

It became more surprising that Wike’s ally, Umar Damagum was allowed to continue his rule as the acting national chairman of the party despite calls from different sections of the party that he had to step down. All of these only indicate that Nyesom Wike, in spite of his moves against PDP, still has so many grips on the party.

Interestingly, the actions of Nyesom Wike have all been foretold by Nigerian prophet, Primate Elijah Ayodele who has been warning PDP stakeholders to put their house in order. In 2023, the man of God warned that the party will be destroyed by a force and that the party will be separated. He mentioned that Wike has a strategy and he will try his best to install the next chairman of the party because he has an ambition to become the president of Nigeria.

These were his words:

‘’There is a force ready to destroy PDP, if the party doesn’t rise to these big challenges, the party will be separated. One party will go to another party and that will be very tough. PDP should put their house together. Wike has a strategy because he still aims to become a president in Nigeria and is still willing to take over the party. He has not relent in his efforts of becoming president and is ready to hold PDP…..He will want to install the next chairman of PDP and this will begin to cause friction in the party. PDP must watch this’’

It is worthy of note that Primate Ayodele has been warning PDP to be wary of Wike’s grievances since 2022. Long before the formation of G-5 governors, Primate Ayodele warned that five governors including Nyesom Wike will work against PDP in the presidential election. He advised the party’s candidate and leadership to ensure the former governor doesn’t leave the party because it will cause jeopardy.

‘’PDP should not allow Wike to leave because if he leaves, the chances of the party in the presidential election will be jeopardized. What Wike is dragging can cause PDP so much that Atiku should try to adjust, and this is not about dominating.

‘’If PDP does not settle its crisis, the party will go into oblivion after 2023; Atiku should consult God, technocrats, and those that love him; otherwise, this Wike’s crisis can sink PDP.’’

Till today, the crisis the party is experiencing is basically because of the withdrawal of support by Nyesom Wike. The party is currently going into oblivion due to the grievances of Nyesom Wike and the G-5 group. Primate Ayodele’s prophecies already exposed these plans but sadly, the party’s leadership didn’t listen.

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