July 12, 2024

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Palliative Initiative To Empower Nigerians Unveils

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By Chinyere Okoroafor

A new initiative to empower Nigerians and Africans at large through palliative and skill training has unveiled in Lagos.

The initiative called Beepagro Palliative Initiative (BPI), by Beep Agro Africa (BAA) aims to address pressing issues facing Nigerians at the moment, foster unity, self-reliance, and innovation across the country.

Speaking at the unveiling, Founder and Chief Executive Officer ((CEO) of BAA, Ambassador Gilead Okolonkwo said that BPI initiative will empower Nigerians who would become members to take control of their future, moving away from dependence on governmental aid and international organizations.

By harnessing technology and innovative approaches, he explained that BPI will provide practical solutions to challenges such as energy shortages, inadequate waste management, and lack of access to education and economic opportunities in Nigeria.

Amb Okolonkwo added that one of the key features of the BPI is its focus on providing palliatives to members of the initiative.

These features include a range of benefits such as shelter support, business assistance, education funding, land allocation, agro products, and car ownership opportunities.

According to him, members of the initiative can select the palliatives that best suit their needs, with support ranging from housing grants to business capital and educational scholarships.

To become a member, individuals will undergo comprehensive training in various fields such as advertising, waste management, solar installation, graphic designs, video editing, event planning and blockchain technology.

The trainings will not only equip members with valuable skills but also prepare them to contribute to the BPI community by identifying others who could benefit from the initiative.

“After becoming a member while we are providing this training for you, you will need to help us identify other individuals that would need the same training or palliative. With N10.000 you can get started. We have two types of memberships, the tier one which is the silver plus and gold plus.

“The gold plus is N210.000 per year while the silver plus is N110.000 per year. But if you can’t afford that, all you need is to become a member with a part commitment of N10.00 and tell BPI to help you make payment for whichever palliative plan that you have chosen.
Once you complete your registration process online, the our software is activated, it has a tracker. Your responsibility is to help us identify others individually that need this palliative help to take up our training.

“For example, if you take our advertising training, you will start work immediately, you will start viewing AD commercials through our partners platform where we are using that as a case study to teach you on the practicality just like those who use Google and YouTube. We have Visualize, it is a company that we are working with that gives you an opportunity to watch App commercials and then you are paid. So while you are taking the training, you have already started making money, in fact you are working internationally and you are earning in Euros,” he said

On BPI’s commitment to environmental sustainability through the initiative, Okolonkwo said that through partnerships and innovative technologies, the initiative will tackle the pressing issue of plastic waste management in Nigeria.

By incentivizing individuals to participate in waste removal programs, Amb Okolonkwo said BPI ensures transparency and accountability while promoting a cleaner, greener Africa.

He said: “The waste to wealth is more like a social impact project. Think of Africa, there would be no more plastics. We are starting up that campaign and we are starting the education with our community where we want the separation of plastic to start from the kitchen. With the BPI bin, our members will learn how to separate waste and we also position our members to take the advantage of the legislation that is coming in internationally.

“Next year because of the increase in plastic pollution, now the United Nations and America are concerned, so, legislation is coming in that companies that deal with plastic need to show evidence that they are actually helping to clean the environment globally. For that to be possible it means sanctions will come if you don’t comply.

This is where our partner Corsia is involved. It is a petrol chemical recycling company. Its vision is to see 144 recycling facilities established globally where plastics will be converted into bio-advance oil and I happen to be one of the executive coordinators for Africa,” he said.

The BPI’s innovative approach to sustainable development extends beyond individual empowerment. By leveraging technology and strategic partnerships, the initiative aims to connect donors directly with beneficiaries, facilitating the efficient distribution of resources and support.

With a goal of reaching one million members, Amb Okolonkwo expressed his optimism about the initiative’s potential impact.

“This initiative will ignite a wave of positive change across Nigeria through our empowerment training,” Okolonkwo said.

Ogun State representative for BPI, Mr Patrick Oziri said the initiative is one of a kind in Africa, “This initiative is out to work and make the lives of people better.”

Similarly, Christina Emeche, a Lagos representative said BPI will elevate poverty in the country should the youths embrace it.

Another representative from Lagos state Ms Chinyere Obiakolosi expressed optimism that people will embrace the initiative because it is very impactful and beneficial.

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