July 12, 2024

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Throwback: Primate Ayodele’s Interview With Tribune Newspaper About Nigeria On December 31, 2023

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In this interview, popular seer and spiritual head of Inri Evangelical Spiritual Church, Lagos, Primate Elijah Ayodele speaks on 2024 and what awaits Nigeria and the world.

The economy

NIGERIANS need to be watchful, prayerful, and constantly appeal to God. The government needs help. If the government refuses to listen to God’s warning, it is bound to get into problems. The Bola Tinubu government is out of line. When I warned that voting for an All Progressive Congress federal government would lead to calamity and storm, many people felt I was talking rubbish. With all the economic formulas that the current government is postulating, it can’t get a correct model that will help the country. The World Bank and the IMF have killed Nigeria’s economy. If President Tinubu continues to listen to them, Nigeria will die. There is still payment of fuel subsidy. Tinubu cannot play with a subsidy. The complete removal of subsidies will result in complete economic trouble. We cannot buy fuel for N100 anymore. They are lies.

I foresee that under the current realities, the cefa will be stronger than the Naira. Also, the dollar will rise to N1400 and this will shake the economy so badly that some forces are hell-bent on frustrating the Tinubu-led Federal government but they will not be successful.

The economy will be fluctuating (rising and falling} to the extent that the Central Bank of Nigeria will cry out. The opposition will take several steps to fight the present government but they will miss their strategies. Government palliative is part of the things that are ruining the economy and has not added anything good to the economic revival. I foresee the Nigerian economy will fluctuate, it will be unstable and inflation rates will rise astronomically. The economic stability will crash down to very low levels even though the Central Bank of Nigeria {CBN} and the federal government will be working to find a way forward. I have not seen anything better, for the future looks gloomy.

Do not play politics with Nigerians. The government must do what is right. Playing politics with Nigeria will destroy the country and the nation will collapse. We must be realistic if we want to balance the nation. Increment in workers’ salaries will not improve things. The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) is blindfolded. The President of the NLC is incompetent; he will not be able to achieve anything. He is weak; he is only making political noise. He should stop making noise.

We must stop patronizing the dollar. It is killing our country. There must be a constant power supply; we must use our mineral resources to negotiate. The ministry that is supposed to be feeding Nigeria is the Ministry of Mines. The person who is in charge must work with the CBN governor. We must improve our mechanized farming.

In 2024, the government must reduce the price of food commodities; giving out palliatives is a fraud; it is a scam. There should be food markets in various states for genuine food palliatives. The price of a bag of rice can be reduced to N20,000. We must also improve our road infrastructure. These would make Nigeria better. God still insists that Tinubu is his plan but not his purpose for Nigeria. The cost of living will become unbearable in 2024 if the government refuses to do what is needed. There will be a shortage of water. We are smiling and suffering. Prices in essential commodities will rise.


They cannot end insecurity in 2024. The police and other forces must be equipped. There will be another unguided missile attack that will kill civilians. When this repeats itself, people would insist that it was orchestrated. If there is an adjustment in the war against terror in Nigeria, then it will work. The government must create employment opportunities; this will help in the fight against insecurity. We must also look at the issue of state policing again. If there is food, infrastructure, and electricity, then things will pick up. A cashless policy will destroy Tinubu’s government. We must pray against religious and ethnic war in Nigeria. A prominent African president will escape a bomb attack. Let us pray that Customs officers will not be attacked. The head of the NIS might be changed. Some people will rubbish the efforts of the EFCC chairman. More insecurity in the North. Benue, Plateau, Abuja, Ondo, and Kogi will experience more insecurities.


If Obaseki doesn’t take it easy, PDP will lose in Edo. If PDP loses, Obaseki will be troubled. Ondo State’s Aiyedatiwa will be frustrated, he cannot rule Ondo State. Tinubu will take over Ondo State. Some five PDP governors will rescue the party. Fubara must not cross to APC. He must remain in PDP; he should not follow Wike. If he does, that will be the end of his political career. He should not fight against Wike. If he fights against Wike, he will not win. The Akwa Ibom state governor too must not cross to APC. If Mbah comes out to contest for the governorship election, he may destroy Soludo. Soludo must prepare himself because the APC is ready to take over the state. If care is not taken, Ganduje and Tinubu will part ways. The relationship between Tinubu and Shettima will be constrained. Some of the President’s allies will fight his wife. He must watch his health properly. Seyi Makinde must not leave PDP; if he does, he will not make it politically again. Gbajabiamila will receive a rude shock.

Nigeria will keep borrowing and it would become so burdensome that we would start to beg for relief. Giving us debt relief is another bondage because there will be conditions. There are three cabals bent on hijacking Tinubu’s government. Buhari and Tinubu will still fight. A prominent leader in Afenifere will pass away. Nigeria will break if there is no restructuring as of 2035. Nnamdi Kanu’s bail will be unconditional and it is not too certain. Samuel Ekpa must be careful so that he will not be arrested.


There will be problems in the telecommunications industry. G5 has come to stay. The tax on these companies will increase and the burden of this will drive some of them away. The government has plans to establish a telecommunication company. Let us pray that we won’t witness any fire outbreak in any federal secretariat. Let us pray that no governor’s office will be set ablaze. A prominent pastor will die, same with an Islamic scholar. And ex-governor will pass on. Building collapse in Abuja is imminent; there will be a bomb scare in Abuja. I foresee the Nigeria Gas Company will be shut down as there will not be enough gas to meet the energy needs of companies and the Transmission Company of Nigeria. Let us pray so that the facilities of the Transmission Company of Nigeria will not be attacked. I foresee the Ijede Power plant, Egbin Thermal Station, Shiroro Dam, and Kanji Dam will have problems and be shut down. Let us pray so that none of the dams will become dry. I foresee that the Abuja Electricity Distribution Company Kubwa substation and the Apo substation will be shut down.

Global terrorism and insecurity

At the global level, I foresee the emergence of a new set of terrorist organizations different from HAMAS in Gaza, the Kurdistan Workers Party {PKK} in Turkey, Boko Haram in Nigeria, and Al-Shabaab in Somalia. I foresee a network of terror gangs scheming in the year 2024 to cause havoc and also plan evils towards the United States of America, the United Kingdom, the State of Israel, France, Germany, and Turkey to create a breakdown of law and order and a state of insecurity. The spirit of God revealed to me that there will be aborted or failed coups de-tat in some countries. I foresee another terrorist group that is a faction of the PKK in 2024. The Al-Shabaab terror gang, Al-Qaeda, and ISIS criminals will begin to terrorize more countries in Africa and Europe. Europe will begin to witness more frequent acts of terrorism. The spirit of God says another coalition of terrorist groups will emerge in Africa. The band of criminals will work hand in hand with the likes of AL-QAEDA and Boko Haram.

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